Heluss is Disrupting the Insurance Industry

Heluss disrupts the insurance industry, transforming how the policy works;by utilizing blockchain technologies, smart contracts and AI in claims management, Heluss is taking insurance back to its roots…serving the community.

HUT tokens are available to purchase at Chaincreator Exchange

Premium Allocation

20% of the premium is allocated to Heluss ecosystem which will be used for development,operations, maintaining the servers and other miscellaneous expenses

Rewards & Bonuses

40% of the premium is allocated to the claims and reinsurance fund. Any savings are returned to token holders as bonuses, rewards to rally community engagement.


40% of the premium is tokenized for you in HUT token; the funds are kept in a reserve “H-Vault” to back Heluss ecosystem value in the form of hard assets such as Gold.

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Heluss Ecosystem

Heluss is combining the insurance industry with blockchain technology.

Meet Heluss AI Claims Management

AI Chatbot “Tyche” processes claims against the smart contract in real time; it eliminates the middle-man and subsequent long wait times that typically accompany claim-related phone calls.

Our Products

Price Protection Insurance

Price Protection Insurance guarantees you the price you will be selling your asset at (when prices are falling) or the price you can buy the asset at (when prices are rising)! So need to worry just be relaxed

Personal Item Insurance

Personal items such as phones, laptops, bicycles, tablets, cameras, headphones, etc…can be easily damaged, lost or stolen.At a small annual cost, we replace your item at the insured value no matter where you are.

Travel Insurance

We are always on the move. your flight, train, coach or boat may be delayed; you may fall sick, be involved in an accident. The Travel Insurance takes away the anxiety so that you can relax while on the move.

Our Partners

Global insurance

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Road Map

Meet Our Team

JPR picture
Jean Pierre Rukebesha

CEO & Co-founder

Jean, CPA, MBA, entrepreneurship was shaped by executive positions he occupied as CFO in the insurance business (Soras Group).

Danny Holland

Blockchain Chief Architect

Polymath and obligate polytechnic nerd, Danny Holland brings his passion for knowledge and tireless problem-solving skills to the Heluss team.

Inzamam Malik

AI Chief Developer

Inzamam is an AI Chatbot and VUI developer; he specializes in Intelligent Chatbot integrated into Ios, Android or Web Apps with cutting edge technologies.

Ayesha picture
Ayesha Tariq


Ayesha Tariq is a full stack software engineer, web developer and blockchain developer enthusiast. She has extensive knowledge of C/C++, Java and Python.

Prasenjeet Kashyap

Business Development

Prasenjeet holds Master of Computer applications. He is the current representative of Achain Foundation in Blockchain and Crypto Industry in India.

Sean Henderson

Commercial Officer

Sean has been very active in the Cryptocurrecy space and has worked with an impressive number of Cryptocurrecy and Blockchain companies across various roles.


William Chamberlain


William Chamberlain is the Achain Co-founder and current Chief Marketing Officer. He is a core Partner at ALabs, Mobimax founder and Early investor in cryptocurrency

McAnthony Gyimah

Strategic Advisor

McAnthony is CFO at HubrisOne, he began his career within the banking and payments sector, working for Wells Fargo bank in the US and Visa Payments Inc.

Osa Andre Omo-Osagie

Strategic Advisor

Osa is CCO at HubrisOne, he is a Financial Markets Specialist and Enterprise Sales Executive with over two decades experience in the financial markets and corporate.

Utku Kerem Gülçek

Marketing Advisor

Utku is CMO at HubrisOne, he has spent most of his career at process leadership
/engineering roles. Self-motivated, problem solver, process creator and improver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Heluss doing so different?

Heluss main purpose is to bring back the insurance industry into the community; we are here to maximize the customers’ benefits. Through benefits, bonus programs, we aim to return 100% of the insurance premium after purchase.

Does Heluss have a working product?

Yes.The Travel Insurance; The Price Protection Insurance and Personal Item Insurance are currently under development.

Are there any other products in progress?

Heluss will only buy HUT tokens on the exchange when its policy buyers token reserves are depleted.

Which market is Heluss targeting?

We plan to acquire our first license in North America; depending on the financial strength, we will first expand to Europe (different countries have specific licensing requirements).

How will you use the funds raised?

Heluss’s token sale funds will be used as follows:

  • USD 100,000 for platform completion
  • USD 200,000 for operations (one year)
  • USD 3 million for acquiring licenses and hard assets (gold/silver) to back the ecosystem. These funds will not be spent; the assets will remain on the balance sheet and readily available for audit by a reputable third party.

What is the current status about strategic partners?

We have secured strategic partnerships with key industry players for market expansion and operations. Please visit our website for more information.

What is the total token supply?

600 million HUT tokens will be created.

What happens to unsold tokens?

Unsold tokens will be added to the policy buyers token reserves.

What happens to undistributed tokens in airdrops?

Undistributed tokens will be added to the policy buyers token reserves.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please email us at info@heluss.com or ask your question in our Telegram chat https://t.me/helussproject

Which protocol and what type of smart contract?

The contract is ERC20; we are building on Ethereum.

Document Center

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