Meet Our Team


JPR picture

Jean Pierre Rukebesha

CEO & Co-founder

Jean, CPA, MBA, entrepreneurship was shaped by executive positions he occupied as CFO in the insurance business (Soras Group).


Danny Holland

Blockchain Chief Architect

Polymath and obligate polytechnic nerd, Danny Holland brings his passion for knowledge and tireless problem-solving skills to the Heluss team.


Inzamam Malik

AI Chief Developer

Inzamam is an AI Chatbot and VUI developer; he specializes in Intelligent Chatbot integrated into Ios, Android or Web Apps with cutting edge technologies.

Ayesha picture

Ayesha Tariq


Ayesha Tariq is a full stack software engineer, web developer and blockchain developer enthusiast. She has extensive knowledge of C/C++, Java and Python.


Prasenjeet Kashyap

Business Development

Prasenjeet holds Master of Computer applications. He is the current representative of Achain Foundation in Blockchain and Crypto Industry in India.


Sean Henderson

Commercial Officer

Sean has been very active in the Cryptocurrecy space and has worked with an impressive number of Cryptocurrecy and Blockchain companies across various roles.



William Chamberlain


William Chamberlain is the Achain Co-founder and current Chief Marketing Officer. He is a core Partner at ALabs, Mobimax founder and Early investor in cryptocurrency


McAnthony Gyimah

Strategic Advisor

McAnthony is CFO at HubrisOne, he began his career within the banking and payments sector, working for Wells Fargo bank in the US and Visa Payments Inc.


Osa Andre Omo-Osagie

Strategic Advisor

Osa is CCO at HubrisOne, he is a Financial Markets Specialist and Enterprise Sales Executive with over two decades experience in the financial markets and corporate.


Utku Kerem Gülçek

Marketing Advisor

Utku is CMO at HubrisOne, he has spent most of his career at process leadership
/engineering roles. Self-motivated, problem solver, process creator and improver.